Tears, warm tears, Flow by my side. Scaling the skin Very much alive, A remnant of what's died. Tears, unwanted tears, Flow by my side. Tickling the cheek, Which betray A message's bespeak. Tears, sad tears, Flow by my side. Drawing a sniff, Drawing attention, But it's no one's tiff. Tears, happy tears, Flow by … Continue reading Tears


What Am I?

What is my past, If not an Immensely heavy anchor? What is my present, If not the Struggle to stay afloat? What is my future, If not the Quest to Ogygia? What is pain, If not the Tipsiness of ignorance? What is hurt, If not the Lines I write? What are tears, If not the … Continue reading What Am I?

A Tryst With Trust

"A string of letters, a yarn of words; Truths and lies and sayings of sorts. Knitting together a tapestry of swords; Feeling and fueling the flames of hordes." Honours were at stake, a war was to be fought. A murder was to be avenged, justice was to be served. When Mark Antony began his speech … Continue reading A Tryst With Trust