Rocks and Fire

I thoroughly believe the mire, That the moon and the stars are lies. They are nothing but rocks and fire, Pretty from afar, set only to agonize. So I won't promise you the literal moon, Or the talk of 'from the moon and back'. I won't wish for you to the stars, They are probably … Continue reading Rocks and Fire


We Meet Again

"I'm - I'm not the same person that I was five years ago," she said. I looked at her. There was the same set of dark brown eyes; her beautifully shaped jawline which was perhaps even more distinct now; same slender arms, one of which still had the silver quartz watch her mom gifted her; … Continue reading We Meet Again

The Shortest Night

The room was a mess. The curtains were askew along the windows, the cushions were lying helter skelter. The table was full of empty food bowls, wrappers and cans. Towels and clothings were spread throughout. The television was on, but I had set it on mute. On the couch she slept, peaceful and calm. She … Continue reading The Shortest Night