Tears, warm tears, Flow by my side. Scaling the skin Very much alive, A remnant of what's died. Tears, unwanted tears, Flow by my side. Tickling the cheek, Which betray A message's bespeak. Tears, sad tears, Flow by my side. Drawing a sniff, Drawing attention, But it's no one's tiff. Tears, happy tears, Flow by … Continue reading Tears


Rocks and Fire

I thoroughly believe the mire, That the moon and the stars are lies. They are nothing but rocks and fire, Pretty from afar, set only to agonize. So I won't promise you the literal moon, Or the talk of 'from the moon and back'. I won't wish for you to the stars, They are probably … Continue reading Rocks and Fire

Mile Jo Hum Kabhi (Poem)

मिले जो यूँ हम तुम फ़साने में, जानो अब बहुत हो चुका सबर चुप हो तुम, चुप हूँ मैं, अब हमें किसी और की क्या ख़बर! मिले जो लब कभी यादों में, जैसे लहर से लहर मिलती हो अगर, ख़ुश हो तुम, ख़ुश हूँ मैं, अब हमें चाहिए तो बस इक क़ब्र! मिले जो क़दम … Continue reading Mile Jo Hum Kabhi (Poem)