Rocks and Fire

I thoroughly believe the mire, That the moon and the stars are lies. They are nothing but rocks and fire, Pretty from afar, set only to agonize. So I won't promise you the literal moon, Or the talk of 'from the moon and back'. I won't wish for you to the stars, They are probably … Continue reading Rocks and Fire


You Owe Me

Let it be known,That you're with no thing.Let it be told,That you owe me nothing. But let me tell you, That you sowed in me something.Let me tell you, That you owe me something. You owe me the hours, That I spent with chagrinYou owe me the flowers, That I placed within. You owe me … Continue reading You Owe Me

I Swear I Loved

In my dreams of fear, And in days that near, Within my nights of solitude, Beyond the reaches of my fortitude, Shatters my heart. And with every broken shard, I swear I loved From memories of hands grasped, To the empty handed truth, Far away from my clutches of reality, I reminiscise with wistful brutality, … Continue reading I Swear I Loved

To Her Ravaging Memoirs

I make into my quietude, and try to break the impasse with my heart. 'Is this a night, or I am merely shrouded beneath her hair? Is this a mere gust of wind or the smells of her? Are these mere chitterings of birds or they carry her message?' I ask, peaceful and sagely. Even … Continue reading To Her Ravaging Memoirs