The Hallowed Quest #2

Why is it that throughout the history of man, he has struggled to come to terms with a sense of isolation? Why is it, that the idea of being alone has been associated with, or even birthed dark and negative condiments; ruining the flavour of life? I do not see an absolute bad in being … Continue reading The Hallowed Quest #2


Old Lady High

Old Lady High was a rich landlady who lived just across the street in a grand manor. She was not known to be vain as she was pompous, nor was she called arrogant as she was righteous. Barely a few men in the town knew her first name, Mary; apart from the priest, her ancient … Continue reading Old Lady High

The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017!

I am now announcing that my book, "The Best of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017", is live and available for sale! For paperbacks in India, go to: For the Ebook, go to: And for the International version of the Paperback, go to: Today is one of the greatest days of my life! Don't … Continue reading The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017!