To Lull in a Null

The pendulum clock chimes five, as I throw away my beddings in frustration. Once again, the night had left me petrified of slumber. My sleeplessness worries me this time, for it is not due to the usual causes. Quite often the woke hours of the night are due to an extreme in my emotional spectrum … Continue reading To Lull in a Null


The Hallowed Quest #1

It is under the greatest of tribulations that a man shapes into the self he ends at. I say ends 'at', because as long as he lives, he is on trial, and at times he may grow or shrink, but he is never the same. The question is, then, which trials should be for whom? … Continue reading The Hallowed Quest #1

Rein The Rain

The hilly air gushed around. The mild sun played with a careless peepal beside me and wove pretty netted patterns onto the stone floor. Beyond the broken wall of the once regal fort, a sea of green littered with inglorious specks of human civilization, which extended until my brain changed it's focus onto the darkening sky. … Continue reading Rein The Rain