Main Yahaan Aya Hoon

मैं यहाँ अपने आप को खोजने आया हूँ, उसके शहर की एक शाम चुराने आया हूँ! मैं यहाँ अपने गीत सुनाने आया हूँ, उसकी शाम मे एक पल बिताने आया हूँ! मई यहाँ अपने ख्वाब साकार करने आया हूँ, उस एक पल मे ज़िंदगी जीने आया हूँ! मैं यहाँ अपना मॅन भरने आया हूँ, अपनी … Continue reading Main Yahaan Aya Hoon


O Death, Do Us Part

A scythe is clutched in her bony hand. Her face is hidden in darkness beneath a hood. Her pitch black endless robe is flowing behind her. The Grim Reaper stands in front of me, her other arm extended towards me. Her blood red eyes almost seem kind, full of pity and remorse, probably even guilt. … Continue reading O Death, Do Us Part

Rein The Rain

The hilly air gushed around. The mild sun played with a careless peepal beside me and wove pretty netted patterns onto the stone floor. Beyond the broken wall of the once regal fort, a sea of green littered with inglorious specks of human civilization, which extended until my brain changed it's focus onto the darkening sky. … Continue reading Rein The Rain

Inner Hounds

My night is a friend of the slinky moon, Which hides behind the dark clouds. Warm summer winds caress my face, As I stand trapped in the concrete canopy. The residual peace is unmatched within, As a savage storm brews in my guts, My conscience threatens to rip apart, Like huts ravaged by Poseidon's wrath. … Continue reading Inner Hounds

The Art and Grace of ‘No’

Life is full of questions, and questions are a substantial aspect of life in general. The insomniac dilemma of should or should nots; the severity of decision making; the worry of whether to move forward or not; the anxiety of the answer. Questions in life are like the water in a watermelon, comprising about 90 … Continue reading The Art and Grace of ‘No’

Savaal Hai (Poem)

दर वीरान है और दस्तक का सूना हाल है, शहर मे मकान तो है, पर घर का सवाल है| खुले उजाले मे बस्ते अंधेरे का ख़याल है, हँसना आता तो है, पर हँसी खिलने का सवाल है| रात को नींद नही पर दिन से लड़ने की मज़ाल है, सीने मे दिल तो है, पर धड़कन … Continue reading Savaal Hai (Poem)