​I Deserve Too

 A bead of sweat trickled down from beneath my ear onto the pillow. It tickled the skin as it trickled, drawing my attention to the humid environment present. Pretty soon I realised that my hair was getting wet, the bedsheets had a damp silhouette of my torso and I had trouble breathing efficiently. It was … Continue reading ​I Deserve Too


Mahine aur Tum!

Tum January banna, Mujh jaisa December nahi. Taaki tumhare aane ka jashn ho, Bhale mere chale Jaane ka gham nahi. Tum March banna, Mere jaisa February nahi. Taaki tumhare din toh poore ho, Mujh jaise adhure nahi. Tum May banna, Mere jaise April nahi. Taaki tumhara naata aam se jude, Meri tarah Sirf garmi se … Continue reading Mahine aur Tum!

Main Yahaan Aaya Hoon

मैं यहाँ अपने आप को खोजने आया हूँ, उसके शहर की एक रात चुराने आया हूँ! मैं यहाँ अपने गीत सुनाने आया हूँ, उसकी शाम मे एक पल बिताने आया हूँ! मैं यहाँ अपने ख्वाब साकार करने आया हूँ, उसके एक पल मे ज़िंदगी जीने आया हूँ! मैं यहाँ अपना मॅन भरने आया हूँ, अपनी … Continue reading Main Yahaan Aaya Hoon

I Will Meet You There

Somewhere far far away, beyond the realm of allure and distaste, exists a small bench. I will meet you there, to wipe away the clouds of doubts from your mind. We will sit there, beneath the very sky which refused to house you in the night and was tired of me staring at it desperately. … Continue reading I Will Meet You There

The Hallowed Quest #2

Why is it that throughout the history of man, he has struggled to come to terms with a sense of isolation? Why is it, that the idea of being alone has been associated with, or even birthed dark and negative condiments; ruining the flavour of life? I do not see an absolute bad in being … Continue reading The Hallowed Quest #2