To Roads Diverged In The Yellow Wood

To roads diverged in the yellow wood; Why do you tear me so? Making me choose between could and should; Knowing I'll have to reap what I sow. . . . Read more at: The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017!


The Transition

Between light and darkness, sandwiched between the sun and the moon, trapped within day and night lie two phenomena which has engrossed gazers and thinkers alike - dawn and dusk. We all know the day. Its the span of the twenty four hour clock when you can see what you're shown. When the world bustles … Continue reading The Transition

To Her Ravaging Memoirs

I make into my quietude, and try to break the impasse with my heart. 'Is this a night, or I am merely shrouded beneath her hair? Is this a mere gust of wind or the smells of her? Are these mere chitterings of birds or they carry her message?' I ask, peaceful and sagely. Even … Continue reading To Her Ravaging Memoirs