To Lull in a Null

The pendulum clock chimes five, as I throw away my beddings in frustration. Once again, the night had left me petrified of slumber. My sleeplessness worries me this time, for it is not due to the usual causes. Quite often the woke hours of the night are due to an extreme in my emotional spectrum … Continue reading To Lull in a Null


The Hallowed Quest #2

Why is it that throughout the history of man, he has struggled to come to terms with a sense of isolation? Why is it, that the idea of being alone has been associated with, or even birthed dark and negative condiments; ruining the flavour of life? I do not see an absolute bad in being … Continue reading The Hallowed Quest #2

The Phoenix’s Pyre

Fire blazed all around, embers and the heat threatening the soles of my feet. Above me I saw layers of crimson, red and maroon; intermingling with painful shades of yellow and orange. Cracks appeared where I was, and lava seeped through. I stood on an island of coal which was rapidly succumbing to the conflagration, … Continue reading The Phoenix’s Pyre