I Will Meet You There

Somewhere far far away, beyond the realm of allure and distaste, exists a small bench. I will meet you there, to wipe away the clouds of doubts from your mind. We will sit there, beneath the very sky which refused to house you in the night and was tired of me staring at it desperately. … Continue reading I Will Meet You There


Here With You

I sit on the bench, smiling into my phone screen, scrolling and reading the words I've already read millions of times before. I scroll up until I see that one text, and then remember the call that followed. As my eyes lose focus of the text and my mind drifts off to her voice, my … Continue reading Here With You

A Drive of Love

The salty breeze parted my hair. The night sky was pitch black and had specks of white which seemed to be stars. The waves hit the rocks with aplomb, as I sat with legs crossed and shoulders slouched. I looked into the horizon, towards the Mumbai skyline. The more I focused, the more lights appeared … Continue reading A Drive of Love

The Shortest Night

The room was a mess. The curtains were askew along the windows, the cushions were lying helter skelter. The table was full of empty food bowls, wrappers and cans. Towels and clothings were spread throughout. The television was on, but I had set it on mute. On the couch she slept, peaceful and calm. She … Continue reading The Shortest Night