Yours Truly; You.

Dear Future Me; I hope, first of all, that this letter finds you. Secondly, I hope it finds you well. There are many theories of how a future self can help a younger self, but knowing me so far I can tell you that you, from the future, wouldn't change a thing or give me … Continue reading Yours Truly; You.


What Am I?

What is my past, If not an Immensely heavy anchor? What is my present, If not the Struggle to stay afloat? What is my future, If not the Quest to Ogygia? What is pain, If not the Tipsiness of ignorance? What is hurt, If not the Lines I write? What are tears, If not the … Continue reading What Am I?

The Transition

Between light and darkness, sandwiched between the sun and the moon, trapped within day and night lie two phenomena which has engrossed gazers and thinkers alike - dawn and dusk. We all know the day. Its the span of the twenty four hour clock when you can see what you're shown. When the world bustles … Continue reading The Transition