The Art and Grace of ‘No’

Life is full of questions, and questions are a substantial aspect of life in general. The insomniac dilemma of should or should nots; the severity of decision making; the worry of whether to move forward or not; the anxiety of the answer. Questions in life are like the water in a watermelon, comprising about 90 … Continue reading The Art and Grace of ‘No’


Yours Truly; You.

Dear Future Me; I hope, first of all, that this letter finds you. Secondly, I hope it finds you well. There are many theories of how a future self can help a younger self, but knowing me so far I can tell you that you, from the future, wouldn't change a thing or give me … Continue reading Yours Truly; You.

The Transition

Between light and darkness, sandwiched between the sun and the moon, trapped within day and night lie two phenomena which has engrossed gazers and thinkers alike - dawn and dusk. We all know the day. Its the span of the twenty four hour clock when you can see what you're shown. When the world bustles … Continue reading The Transition