​I Deserve Too

 A bead of sweat trickled down from beneath my ear onto the pillow. It tickled the skin as it trickled, drawing my attention to the humid environment present. Pretty soon I realised that my hair was getting wet, the bedsheets had a damp silhouette of my torso and I had trouble breathing efficiently. It was … Continue reading ​I Deserve Too


Mahine aur Tum!

Tum January banna, Mujh jaisa December nahi. Taaki tumhare aane ka jashn ho, Bhale mere chale Jaane ka gham nahi. Tum March banna, Mere jaisa February nahi. Taaki tumhare din toh poore ho, Mujh jaise adhure nahi. Tum May banna, Mere jaise April nahi. Taaki tumhara naata aam se jude, Meri tarah Sirf garmi se … Continue reading Mahine aur Tum!

बिस्तर to Bistro

My tongue is busy, moving around and sloshing it. I feel around its periphery; prodding, poking and wetting it. I licked at it, tried to lift certain parts. Almost as if it could feel my efforts, juices secreted from it's within, bringing with it a familiar taste. Slowly some other stuff came off, giving a … Continue reading बिस्तर to Bistro

A Drive of Love

The salty breeze parted my hair. The night sky was pitch black and had specks of white which seemed to be stars. The waves hit the rocks with aplomb, as I sat with legs crossed and shoulders slouched. I looked into the horizon, towards the Mumbai skyline. The more I focused, the more lights appeared … Continue reading A Drive of Love

Letter To Celisen, 17th September 2018

C; Let's just say, people know about you and me. And that might just be my fault. I am not sure if an apology suffices, but within the narrow boundaries of meagre things I can provide you, it the best which I can offer now. Your angry quiet is very plausibly vindicated, and it's fitting … Continue reading Letter To Celisen, 17th September 2018

O Death, Do Us Part

A scythe is clutched in her bony hand. Her face is hidden in darkness beneath a hood. Her pitch black endless robe is flowing behind her. The Grim Reaper stands in front of me, her other arm extended towards me. Her blood red eyes almost seem kind, full of pity and remorse, probably even guilt. … Continue reading O Death, Do Us Part

Rein The Rain

The hilly air gushed around. The mild sun played with a careless peepal beside me and wove pretty netted patterns onto the stone floor. Beyond the broken wall of the once regal fort, a sea of green littered with inglorious specks of human civilization, which extended until my brain changed it's focus onto the darkening sky. … Continue reading Rein The Rain