What Am I?

What is my past,
If not an
Immensely heavy anchor?

What is my present,
If not the
Struggle to stay afloat?

What is my future,
If not the
Quest to Ogygia?

What is pain,
If not the
Tipsiness of ignorance?

What is hurt,
If not the
Lines I write?

What are tears,
If not the
Leftovers of you?

What is the night,
If not the
Winds of solitude?

What is the day,
If not the
Escape from the night?

What is liberation,
If not the
Songs I sing?

What is love,
If not the
Tapering of cracks?

What is happiness,
If not the
Resemblance in art?

What is life,
If not the
Gradual healing?

What am I,
If not
All I am?

– Funadrius

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