Letters To Celisen, May 28 2017




The evening breeze sweeps in via the window, disturbing the wind chimes on it’s way; the setting sun bathes my study in orange and the sky in red; as I finally pick up the parchment to write to you.

The last letter I sent you contained a huge part of my problems to wreck your time, and I have spent the time until your reply as if I have dumped them onto you. Somewhere, however in the back of my mind I knew that you would reply, and that on that day, I would have to face something more than the problems I sent your way. You, of course, have your time to avenge.

Your reply, of course, primarily reinstated the notion that you’re well, and your words assured me as much. I wonder if I caught you off guard with my letter, and whether you were discomfited, and if that was the case, I apologise profusely. I know you have a few windows where you can be reached out to, and how easily you get disturbed with the slightest of bother.

Your reply to my last letter came as a calm respite to the turmoil I asked you to fish me out of, but it also brought with it a fair amount of new questions and thought provoking dilemmas. The more I seek a solution from you, things either escalate for the worse or I stare into the face of two more problems. Nevertheless, you have never denied me any guidance and nor have you refuted any attempt of mine; so I will remain grateful and continue to disturb you.

Your solution to what seemed to be a very complex scenario turned out to be equally simple. I find it really exasperating as to how sometimes the  most complex of tangles can be straightened by pulling a single thread, but we instead make the many knots tighter by pulling the wrong threads. As you stated, it is crucial to evaluate the scenario in full detail before trying to resolve it, as the simplest way is often beneath a thin veil right in front of you. In a way, it reminds me of you, as I have to shun away the curtains of my monotone to encounter you and your wisdom.

Enacting upon your easy solution may be the most difficult task I’ve ever faced, and it may soon pose a paradoxical scenario of a bad deed, an evil mission and a righteous fight. As I step into the wilderness armed with my will and your wisdom, I hope to make people see the difference.

I hope people see the difference between someone who’s done a bad deed and someone who are evil, because, as unfortunate as it is, bad exists in each of us, so does evil in the society.

One way I thought it would work was to introduce as many as I could to you, but that would not only be impractical but also hypocritical on my side, as that would mean a complete disrespect of what we have.

The world needs more of you, C. I need more of you.

I remain your protege and your student;



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