Pieces Of Me

“I’m beter off healed then I ever was unbroken” – Beth Moore


Dim stars and a dark moon;
Whence the grief stands tall;
And the night end’s nowhere soon;
I’ll be there to pick up your call.

As the night gets colder;
And you can’t give your best;
I’ll lend you my shoulder;
And let your head rest.

When the going gets tough;
And sleep deserts your bed;
Knock on my door enough;
I’ll take your worry instead.

Your love, your life and time;
Caress them with a smile;
Believe these words of mine;
That It’ll be okay after a while.

But when my night turns dark;
And it becomes colder;
I hope you remember my mark;
And we will recall times older.

I give pieces of me to heal you with;
Do keep those pieces with you;
And so when I’m really hit;
I hope you bring them with you.

– Vishvaraj Chauhan (Funadrius)

Author: Vishvaraj Chauhan

I read, I write. I slip and I slide. I live and I laugh. I love to listen to music, think about every thing that my brain thinks worthy of mentioning and take up a little too much load. But hey, that's why I'm here! The sage in a cage.

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