A Tryst With Trust


A string of letters, a yarn of words;
Truths and lies and sayings of sorts.
Knitting together a tapestry of swords;
Feeling and fueling the flames of hordes.

Honours were at stake, a war was to be fought. A murder was to be avenged, justice was to be served. When Mark Antony began his speech at Julius Caesar’s funeral, it was more than a friend giving an eulogy to a fallen friend, or a disciple seeking justice over an assassination. Shakespeare’s pen had created the ideal stage to understand how the conundrum of trust worked, ranging from the exclamatory realisations of rupture (“Et tu, Brute?”) to it’s salvation. But it made one thing quite clear to me – that trust feeds on words. Or maybe words hold an invisible control over trust. I haven’t quite decided yet.


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  1. Really needed to read this.
    Having your trust broken time and again is not easy. Specially, it’s difficult to bounce back after experiencing it. But I may just, be able to be the same person again after reading this!
    Nice post 🙂

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  2. Trust is like a seed, it grows and only with time does it blossom, there are no infallible short-cuts. There is often confusion between trust and reliance. Trust is an affinity and a surrender – if only in part – of independence. It is a huge step giving trust and should not be done lightly. Conversely, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. Sure you will be let down, and take a few knocks, but without the leap you would miss out on knowing some great people..

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