What Goes Around, Comes Around


When I was a little child and would come home crying from the playground; complaining that I had been bullied and robbed of my fair chances at play, my mother would often say, “Happens, son. One day, things will come around.”

Mankind in general has been obsessed with questions many species probably never even considered. Not satisfied with the recent past, civilizations and societies have focused and devised theories concerning and trying to put together the melange of ancient justice, historical learnings and a tool for futuristic hope – often named ‘Karma‘. The idea of everyone being accountable for their deeds or the notion that a hypothetical account of one’s  actions – both positive and negative – exists and reward and/or justice will be served has seen people endure, tolerate and last in times of adversity. Millions throughout history have set examples of fortitude resting on the hope of eventual avenging. However, no one really has an idea as to how and when the sceptre of Karma shall wield.. just that it will. Things will come around.


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  1. Simply Wow! It’s hard to believe such maturity of thoughts and writing in someone so young. Your last line takes the cake! Sure, what if all that happened to us was something that came around. My mom also always taught me not to fight (esp patriarchy) and just let things go because someone is elder/better to/than you. And I did just that for a long time in my life when I realised on my own that Karma is a bitch and I can’t wait endlessly for it to boomerang. So the shit about let me do good and it’ll come around was just nonsense! This is one my favourite posts on your blog. Keep up the good work!

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