A Tribute to Solitude

It was raining outside; heavily, but not harshly. The dark clouds had made the afternoon sun vanish and the daylight had dimmed as if nature had a sudden case of low voltage. I sat there, with a book in my lap, gazing out of the window at the sour sky and watching the raindrops lash against the window rim. Once a while an audacious droplet would charge to attack my face and even more rarely, one infinitesimal drop would make it. I closed the window, pulled the curtains; dipping my room into a familiar shade of darkness – perfect for brooding, reflecting and concocting.

I settled myself on my bed, leaned back and waited. Waited for the tide to flow in, and retreat leaving behind memories I thought I had dumped forever. Before I could decide what to do with those awash memories, new waves would flow in, bringing a new charge with them. I had been here before, and I shall be here again. I decide to walk on the shore of thought and choose memories that will tear into me today. I had given in, given in to the cascades of solitude.


Read more at: The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017!



  1. That was some heavy reflection! Life will be as we choose to look at it, it is all in the perspective. There can be bliss in solitude, an occasional self-contemplation is good, but making a habit of it….no! Liked your POV!

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  2. The writing, exquisite! Loved the analogy of the tyres going through the potholes of life, but we must take care…be aware…
    I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy solitude too. This was a lovely tribute!

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