Giving it Time


If there is anything truly timeless, it is time. It is the initial starting point, the first God, an embossed quantity. It is a force stronger than any, a blanket encompassing everything; yet a subtle presence often unnoticed. Despite our efforts, we fail to quantify, measure and understand time. How can you hope to evaluate something you simply cannot outlive?

‘Life is a race, if you don’t run fast, someone will trample and overtake you.’ This ever popular line signifies how we view time. You need to clock the least time to win, but is it really that way? Is life a race where your success and happiness is a measure of how quickly you’ve achieved them? Over the years, man has learnt to use time as a tool to build a ladder to success. Make no mistake, time is the sharpest tool at your disposal. If used wisely, it can carve you a sensational piece of wonder whereas if used brashly, it can lead to detriment unique to it. However, as it is with any tool, keeping it untapped and unused will see it rust and spent. Spent or wasted time is as gone as the dead, a lesson most realise much late.


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  1. As animals we are subject to cycles, the human invention of time is unnecessary for our survival as a species. Time is an illusion, an attempt to dissect the cycles of nature, of life. The seasons are there with the stars telling us when to reap and when to sow, just as it has been since man first put seed in the ground. Vast monuments around the world mirror our relationship with Orion, the Pyramids, Stonehenge.

    I broadly agree with what you say in this post although I tend not to afford time too much importance. All my life I have tried to make things happen before they were ready or meant to, age has taught me life is not a race. We all have the same destination, don’t hurry to get there.

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