An Ambiguous Balancing Act


The perfect alignment of your favourite wall piece. The right tinge of colour on an artist’s palette. Just two spoonfuls of sugar – not more, not less – in your morning cup of tea. Equal amount of weight on both trays of the weigh scale. The right length of a blog post – neither too lengthy, nor too short. Everything from the smallest of anecdotes to the largest of philosophies revolves around one ideology – balance.

Yang and Yin; Ma’at and Isfet; God and Satan. Spirituality has always, in one way or the other emphasized the importance of balance. To portray an everlasting battle between good and evil, it is essential to empower both equally. To craft one party good and the other evil, one needs a reference of negativity. In other words, God needs Satan just as much as you need God.


Read more at: The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017!


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