The Acceptation of Exception


“Chemistry is a subject of exceptions..” my teacher began. She paced sideways towards the periodic table hung on the sidewall and continued, “Understanding the concepts behind these exceptions will help, not memorization.”

As I doodled on my notebook page, I reflected on what she said. True enough, it’s the exceptions that have always made the telling difference, rather than the monotone or the expected scheduling. How many times has the kindness of one man stood up against the cruelty of tens? Or the wits of one prospered over the foolishness of hundreds? Or how has the faith of one fared against the thousands who had given up?


Read more at: The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017!


  1. Indeed exceptions are not just decisions and like desires they have the power to either make us big or kill us small. Everything in life, especially the abstractness, needs to be channelled properly.
    Brilliant post!

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  2. The way each and every sentence is depicted right from your thoughts onto writing is absolutely spectacular. It really does captivate the reader into reading each line and grasp the magnitude of thought and emotion each sentence contains. Amazing. *proceeds to read The Autopsy of Assumptions*

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