Of Expectations and Satisfaction

He walked on, the sack on his shoulders a mere trivial, avoidable distraction. The future in sight, the path beneath his feet, and a journey towards his goals to look forward to..’

The world around us has built up a compilation of needs and demands that it wishes to extract from an individual, and has subtly named it expectations. So much so, that a person accepts, emulates and passes on the ideology without thinking about either the repercussions or pretext. Expectations vary from the realistic to the unrealistic; helpful to damaging; beneficial to borderline sadist. And the most common purpose of expecting? To be satisfied. In whatever manner –  emotionally, financially, socially or materialistically.


Read more at: The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017!



  1. I deserve a pat on the back for typing this out a second time.
    AND I expect an apology. So much for expectations. Well, anyhow, the piece is beautiful enough to make the literati me dominate the angry me. So, here goes. Of whatever little of your work i have read, tis the best. And it’s safe to say, i have read quite a bit. I loved the way you used the heavy bag. Teach your man to let go though. Might lighten the weight a bit. Back to the article, it had good flow – nice, complete and whole. No losing track in the middle, no repetition, no boring me out. Not complaining :p.
    A friend.

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  2. You outdo yourself every time my friend! This paticularly was very inspiring and gives a great insight to life. Also really loved the way you presented it. You’re no less than a professional writer. Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

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