The Aesthetics Of Hypotheticals

Every ideal, every situation has it’s opposite. Pessimism is countered by optimism. Negativity is negated by positivity. Then there is this one ideal I’ve always come about to be told as ideal, to be a realist. The ideal ideal. Realism, in the modern era seems to be the cracking whip used by most – the elders, the accomplished, the successful – to mould and shape a young mind the way the society and the world demands. They think that the child is too imaginative, naive and daft for it.

The idea of imagination is a curious one. It oscillates from being beautiful to self damaging. As a child, you’re expected to ‘break open the shackles of conventional thinking’ and ‘use the endless possibilities of your mind’. Somewhere as you grow up, that demand decreases. You are expected to adjust into, settle into the definitions provided. Rigid and uncompromising. The derivatives of one’s imagination are used less and less, and the conscious leaves it’s efforts to create.


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  1. Taiyab Ali introduced me to your blog, it’s amazing how you write. For a moment, I felt like I was reading Socrates. Impeccable sense of thinking. Kind of a read that makes you pause every now and then to contemplate the arguments made. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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